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Universal Adult Suffrage in Dominica

This exhibit explores the transition from slavery into more autonomy in the social and political spheres for the people of Dominica, through the acquisition of voting rights. Voting rights for all citizens was established in 1951. 

The Salisbury Declaration


A brief history of the events unfolding around the Salisbury Declaration. The Declaration is the official marker of Dominica's move to political independence. 

Patrick Roland John


A brief biography of the former leader of Dominica and the Dominica Labour Party.

Religion through the Independence process

St. Joseph Catholic Church.jpg

A brief survey of the role religion played in the sociopolitical landscape of Dominica from colonialism to Independence 

1965 Roseau Town Council Elections

A case study in Dominica's exercise in democracy pre-Independence. 

The West Indies Federation


A brief description of Dominica's place in the short-lived West Indies Federation.