The work on this page is a production of Create Caribbean Research Institute at Dominica State College. Primarily, Create Caribbean staff and student interns in the Research and Service Learning Programme collaborate on every level of production of the site’s content – from concept to final product and presentation.

history-graphics-03-2Under the supervision of Founder/Director, Dr. Schuyler Esprit and Assistant Director, Dr. Hermancia Eugene, the team conducts formal archival and academic research, decides on topics for further analysis, design and layout of content and methods of presentation.

This year, our contributors includes Create Caribbean veterans, Shernice Rabess, Mia George, Jada Esprit, Jernel Peter, Kelly-Anne Joseph, Mikayah Antonio, and Jodine Robin. Special recognition goes out to our artist and graphic designer, Garvin Leblanc who designed much of the visual aid used on this and many other projects of Create Caribbean Inc.

We are happy to welcome new members of our Research and Service Learning Internship to this project. They include Selena Cuffy, Ashfred Norris, Tonilia Eli, Precious Peter, Noah Stoddard,Raissa Henderson, Gael Thomas, Kherdeja Esprit, Madisha Leblanc, Rhea Xavier, Aliyah Breedy, and Breidy Santiago.